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The Evidence is all around us!


Our goal is to gather and/or create documents, commentary, online resources and videos that offer factual and authoritative discussions using both scientific evidence as well as heart-filled introspect to aid those who are seeking the truth; however, have been dismayed by the voluminous amount of content in this area. 

Perhaps here is at least a place to start.

Youtube Channel.

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Featured Videos

The Atheist Delusion Movie (2016) HD



This is a powerful video with more than 3 million views!  

A masterpiece incorporating great graphics and audio, combining physical and biological science, philosophy and just common sense to show the obvious.  This is truly worth your time AND it may just change your life forever!

If There Is A God Why Is There [so much] Evil In The World?



Our latest video answers one of the most frequently asked questions posed by both people of faith and not;   

"If There Is A God Why Is There [so much] Evil In The World?" 

God, where are you in my Pain? Video Compilation.

God, where are you in my Pain. Video Compilation.

This  video is follow up video for our last video on the existence of God vs  evil in the world, yet it was more specifically crafted for a close  friend of mine who was just diagnosed with cancer and another friend who  has just gone though a heart transplant, these are real challenges,  this is real pain!  

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Books and Documents

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